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Selling at Trade Shows

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If you really want to be successful in any kind of Trade Show, you must “Get back to the Basics of Selling,” and you must have “A clearly defined purpose for being at a trade show.” Ask these questions, what is my reason for being there? Why participate in this show? What’s in it for you? You can’t just think of a show in terms of, “Oh well here we go again, been there done that.” You must have a carefully thought out plan of action, you must have the desire to WOW every visitor who comes to the show,    with your well laid out booths, excellent products and services, and most importantly with you, a highly motivated, security minded person who is working at the show, primarily to sell their products and services. I’m sure many of you have enough experience to be successful in most shows already. You’ve been at lots of them and you’ve been successful. However, you should look at each show with a view to “how can I make sure I have done everything in my power to make it a complete a success?” To achieve this, you need to start out with the common goals most show exhibitors in any industry have. WHAT ARE YOUR TRADE SHOW GOALS? To make sales – What are your objectives – floor sales – qualified leads – prospect phone numbers? To introduce new products – 56% of visitors to trade shows come to see new product – use your new product as the catalyst to attract visitors to your booth. To meet customers – A trade show Bureau report said that 92% of show visitors did not receive a call back from salespeople they visited at...

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